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Metal sheet

ESJ structural sections meet the strictest quality standards and regulations. Production processes are supervised by highly qualified personnel to guarantee manufacturing excellence. We are among the largest manufacturers of structural sections in Mexico.

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Purlin and Girt

Structural element designed to provide direct support for roof and wall panel. With improved mechanical properties by the cold formed process.

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Structural element formed by two purlins, joined by welding in a box shape.

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One of the main elements to form lightweight structures, normally used in vertical position for walls.

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Steel strip provides all necessary requirements for thickness, hardness, dimensions, strength, and mechanical properties, with accurate and guaranteed tolerances.

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Metal sheet

Used for the manufacture of moldings, ducts, clips and other accessories. It guarantees durability and high resistance to weather conditions. It can be manufactured in special colors per customer's request.

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Includes all components used in the sheet metal system, to fix, seal and isolate.