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We offer the highest quality products in the market

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Blank and Strip

We are the smart alternative for the Sheet Metal Metalworking branch. We provide smart solutions with flexibility, the best delivery times and an exceptional tailored service.

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Sheet Metal

Prototyping and medium to high volume manufacturing of sheet metal components.
Punching capacity of 20 ton. @ 0.250 ”4” x13 ”
Forming capacity 130 ton. @ 3.0 mt.

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Pneumatic punching and Mechanical stamping

Metal stamping, 1 station and progressive Metal stamping process

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Sub assembly process

Subassembly process of Electrical and Electronic components including related functional tests, as well as Quality validations required by the client.

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Process: Paint

Electrostatic painting is a dry, powder finishing process providing a durable finish allowing excellent productivity and highly improved efficiencies. This type of coating offers an unlimited range of finishing textures and colors. In addition, this type of finish is highly resistant to wear resulting from impact, moisture, chemicals, ultraviolet light and other extreme conditions. In addition to that, it considerably reduces the risk of abrasion, corrosion, discoloration among other wear problems.

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TIG and MIG Welding processes for steel components applied in different Electrical, Electronic, Metal – Mechanic and Automotive sectors.