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Creating value through space optimization.

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Sheet metal selective rack

The system is composed of Omega column sections, C sections and step beams in different grades of steel. Designed by our structural engineering team, offering the maximum load capacities while optimizing the use of material.

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Structural selective rack

The structural selective rack system is made up of beams, crossmembers and upright frames based on high resistance channels, ideal for storage requirements of major loads.

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Cantilever Rack

This system offers warehousing logistics simplicity; mainly for long length materials, such as piping, rods, etc.

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Special Systems

Turnkey systems such as: Rack based Mezzanines, Picking Modules, Self-supporting Buildings. Ranging from the design, manufacture and multi disciplines coordination, such as ventilation, fire extinguishing, electrical and civil works systems inside the building.

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Self-supported Rack

Self-Supported Rack takes advantage of its structure to withstand stresses generated by the building, maximizing storage locations count and reducing construction cost. This system is very functional when the original purpose of the building is to inventory storage.